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We are supplying a wide array of Coolant. It is a substance which is ideally used to as a high thermal capacity and regulate the temperature of a system. Therefore, provided coolant is non-toxic and has a less viscosity in nature.

Pure Glycerine

Being a reliable firm, we are presenting an extensive range of Pure Glycerine. It is easy to absorb in skin and ensure a soft skin. It reduces the blemishes and counted as an effective agent for dry skin solution. It is easy to dilute and hydrates the skin.

Ethylene Glycol

We are actively successfully in dealing a wide array of Ethylene Glycol. It is mainly used for commercial as well as industrial applications. It is able to reduce the overheating in the summer. This substance is known for its colourless and odourless properties.


With a proper constant of adept experts, we are offering a vast array of Thinner. It is used to reduce viscosity of paint. It is a substance which can easily dissolve in paint on brushes. It is also clean all the equipments easily.

Industrial Chemicals

Our firm is instrumental in rendering a huge range of Industrial Chemicals. These are primarily used in the fertilizer production and industrial processing chemicals. These chemicals are easily available in various packaging options at easy mode of payment choice.

Water Treatment Chemicals

Backed with several years of market experience, we are supplying a wide selection of Water Treatment Chemicals. These are ideally used as primary disinfectants for the purpose of water treatment process. These are suitable in chlorine, muriatic acid, soda ash applications.

Cooling Tower Chemicals

As a renowned firm, we are trading a unique range of Cooling Tower Chemicals. These are known as an arrangement of technologies which is easy to remove damaging impurities from cooling tower feed water. These are helpful to kill bacteria in cooling water.

RO Plant Chemicals

We are bringing a huge array of Ro Plant Chemicals. These are used extensively for the desalination of water purpose. These are also aid to eliminate various dissolved solids from solutions by applying pressure. These chemicals ensure an optimum performance and kept safely for a longer time.

Descaling Chemicals

We are involved in providing a wide ambit of Descaling Chemicals. These are a liquid chemical substance used to eliminate the lime scale from metal surfaces. These chemicals are readily available in affordable rates. They are suitable for cleaning equipments.

Propylene Glycol

We are distributing an extensive range of Propylene Glycol in a bulk quantity at affordable rates. This chemical is used to absorb extra water and make things like medicines, food items etc. It is also useful to create artificial fog used in fire-fighting.

Mix Xylene

Our clients can avail a premium range of Mix Xylene. It is ideally used as a great solvent in various commercial industries. This compound is suitable in printing, leather, coatings and so on. It is a great cleaning agent which aids for silicon wafers and other substances.

Ortho Xylene

Ortho Xylene is broadly utilized to produce phthalic anhydride. It is easy to dissolve in the leather and rubber industries. This compound is a cleaning agent which is generally produces by cracking petroleum. It is featured for its great boiling and melting point properties.

Methyl Isopropyl Ketone ( MIBK )

We have marked a position impact in presenting a huge array of Methyl Isopropyl Ketone (MIBK). It is known as a chemical intermediate as well as industrial cleansers. Therefore, provided chemical is highly efficient at dissolving resins in inks, lacquers etc.

Diethylene Glycol ( DEG )

Organic compound like Diethylene Glycol ( DEG ) is well known for its multipurpose roles. This array of hygroscopic liquid is used as anti freezing factors and also as brake fluid. It is used as important ingredient for processing of lubricants and also for the manufacturing of cosmetics.

Benzene Chemical Compound

Benzene Chemical Compounds are well known for their versatile quality. Categorized under aromatic hydrocarbons, these chemicals have gasoline like smell. Hygroscopic nature and non polar structure are some of their key aspects.

Diethylene Glycol Chemical Compound
Diethylene Glycol Chemical Compounds are used to process lubricants and to manufacture cosmetics. These compounds act as strong anti freezing factor and also as brake fluids for different industrial procedures.
Butyl Cellosolve Acetate
Available in liquid form, Butyl Cellosolve Acetate has wide applications in textile, coating, printing and leather industries. Classified under acetate of 2-butoxyethanol group of chemicals, it has strong dispersion rate.
Light Diesel Oil
Light diesel oils are distilled form of diesel. Categorized under class C group of fuels, this array of lubricants is used for furnace, boilers and engines that have < 750 rpm operating speed.
Available in liquid form, solvents have significant role in suspension and dilution of various chemicals. These have significant role in the formulation of ions. These are effective in maintaining consistency of paints and coatings.
Industrial ethanol is used as an integral part of hand sanitizer formulation process. This chemical is required to produce disinfectants meant for any hard surface to avoid infection or contamination. 
Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizers have significant role in disinfecting hands surface to destroy all sorts of germs present on that surface. These liquid based disinfecting solutions are perfect sanitization solution without using water.

Coolant Additives
Coolant Additives are used to boost different attributes of coolants by minimizing sludge deposition and friction. Available in various formulations, these additives are also effective in extending shelf life of coolants.